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Planning to invest into Budapest Real Estate market?

  • You need an expert who locates properties that YIELDS!
  • You need an expert to handle your design & renovation project!
  • You need a local agent to secure you a reliable tenant!
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You already own a property in Budapest?

  • Need help to get the most out of your investment?
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Investor Services

Do not waste your time going through thousands of listings. Let us do the job: Locate +Prepare + Monetize Budapest Real Estate.

Seller Representation

Selling your Budapest property? We’ll provide all-inclusive service with legal work included at the most competitive price.

Interior Design And Furnishing

Interior design & furnishing that make a difference. Our interior designer will help you get the most out of your property. Pre-Designed Furnishing Packages for the purpose of use.

Renovation Project Management

Get the job done on time and on budget. We provide a professional help for your project! Working only with qualified and experienced tradesmen.


Official valuation by a local licensed surveyor. Buying a Budapest property? Have your property checked: Get a Homebuyer report.

Insurance and Legal Assistance

We get you the best premium. Indemnity coverage for loss of property and liability at the most competitive price. Work with independent solicitor specialized in property right and civil law cases.

Learning on the go will only cost you money and time wasted!

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